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Jordan Arnell

Jordan Arnell Evans (born April 28, 1990) is an American artist, illustrator, graphic designer, painter, videographer, and founder of Tenraxs Clothing started in Sandusky, OH. Jordan is most known for his artwork that he put together for the start of the 2016 NBA season. Jordan has designed mostly for the local scenes, but has also worked with nationally known recording artist and professional athletes like The NBA, Carlos Dunlap, The NFL, Drake, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Iman Shumpert, Tristan Thompson, Ray Jr., Toure Neblett, Revolt TV, Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club, MGK, Espn Sport Analysts, Shy Glizzy, Jazzy Pha, Berner (Taylor Gang), Trinidad James, Wiz Khalifa, Wave Chapelle, Meek Mill, Love & Hip Hop Reality Star Erica Dixon, Rocko, Fabolous, and many more.

While growing up though Jordan has faced many obstacles to reach all of his goals he had set for himself. Beginning with, being cut his Jr. year from the high school basketball team, to; figuring out his real purpose in life. Yet, he managed to keep striving for greatness.

After graduating high school Jordan followed his passion and went off to The School Of Advertising Art in Kettering, OH. While being in school he was focused and determined to graduate, but along the way he picked up another talent and started producing songs with a music program called "Garageband". He began practicing day by day and eventually went back home to show his friends which they later formed a local rap group named "Mulah Gangg." After leaving school the summer of 2009, he and his friends began recording and putting songs together everyday and eventually grew a local buzz around the city and surrounding areas. By 2013 they had put out 3 official music videos, 4 mixtapes and a radio appearance on 95.7 FM with DJ Koolaide of Cincinnati, OH. After working all those years on music and trying to figure things out leading to one last cohesive effort at putting out a mixtape in the fall of 2013, the group eventually separated and went different ways. Jordan then packed up from Sandusky and moved to Cleveland with the help of his parents. Still trying to figure out the next step in life Jordan began to brainstorm and started designing again which spawned his initial passion back in college. 





Bridget Intessimone

Bridget Intessimone (born March 18, 1997). Bridget has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. Her artistic skills include illustration, graphic design, and creative writing. She was in a military family and moved around a lot as a kid, and now is a stir crazy person who cannot stay put in any one city longer than a few years. With no self proclaimed home town, Intessimone does say she went to high school in San Antonio, TX and attended University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY. 

Intessimone has been in the art business since kindergarten. She started out by trading drawings for snacks.

Then, she volunteered as an artist for her mom's dog rescue until high school. Intessimone would draw people's dogs in exchange for donations. In high school, she turned professional and started making art for money.

Cabin 7 Originals, was created while Intessimone was in seventh grade. Everything she drew from then on out was a Cabin 7 Original. In June 2018, she really started putting time and effort into her artwork and posting it on Instagram. Without much surprise to her, it blew up quickly. Now, Bridget works with dispensaries and cannabis industry firms in the US and Canada, including Modern Forest, Blazn, Better Daze, Eureka Vapor, and of course PAQ Case, the greatest preroll cases on the market! She also makes custom work for musicians and anyone else who wants anything created. Send Bridget a dm to her IG account



B. Spencer


B. Spencer

B has been practicing the art of photography for over 8 years. She had a brilliant idea to combine her creative eye and the natural beauty of cannabis. She has opened the portal to fresh ideas of creating photos that normalize the use of cannabis. Let's be stoned!



Lou Daprile


Lou Daprile

Lou Daprile is a multidisciplinary designer who loves to touch every aspect of a project from beginning to end. She is a photographer, designer, videographer and motion graphics animator. Her skills make her poised to perfectly execute dynamic media and projects that will captivate the viewer. Lou's love for the camera not only brought her to a mastery of video and motion graphics, but also a deep understanding of print and layout. She is the perfect candidate for fast paced agency environments, looking to generate eye catching creative content for social media or cross platform application.  Her roots in editorial photography brought her to featured in The Stranger, Seattle Met and to shoot covers of City Arts Magazine.