JPAQ™ Black

JPAQ™ Black


JPAQ is designed to hold 5 King Size Pre Rolls up to 110mm in length. Engineered to securely store pre rolls, JPAQ protects and preserves pre rolls by extending shelf life because of its gasket seal. The plastic JPAQ is made from is recyclable and offers significantly more crush protection than cardboard counterparts.

One of JPAQ's key features is called the "Roach Coach" which allows end-users to store partially smoked materials separate from the fresh.

  • Patent Pending

  • 5 King Size Pre Rolls up to 110mm

  • Roach Coach

  • Smell Proof

  • Water Resistant

  • Child Resistant

  • Compartmentalized Pre Roll Holders

  • Airtight Gasket

  • Separate Compartments

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