The demise of the doob tube has begun.

Two prerolls are always better than one.



Prerolls - (plural) n. - A hand or machine rolled cylindrical object made for smoking. Plural, because two is better than one. JPAQduo™ is a first-of-its-kind packaging option that allows brands to package and sell two prerolls at once. This no-brainer upsell will allow your sales outlets to double its preroll sales compared with doob tubes.



The JPAQduo™ is the latest child resistant (ASTM cert) preroll packaging design from PAQcase. Designed to fit 2 king sized prerolls (98-110mm in length). The JPAQduo™ was engineered to improve the representation of your company’s brand better than any doob tube packaging option available. As with all of PAQcase’s other products, we also designed JPAQduo™ with the end user functionality and utility in mind.


Simply put all PAQ Cases are the most innovative CR preroll cases on the market. With a sturdy design, sleek aesthetic, and unmatched functionality. Your customers will know they are buying a premium product before they even open the packaging.




The JPAQduo™ was designed with protection as a top priority. A strong polypropylene frame provides more crush protection than any doob tube counterpart. Its rectangular shape ensures a sturdy and secure foundation. The protection will prevent destroyed inventory while in transportation, and a better user experience for your customers who won’t have to worry about it being crushed in a bag, or squished in their back pocket.


With roughly 6 square inches of brandable space on the face of the case, there is no better packaging option to make your brand stand out. JPAQduo™ allows you to preserve the life of your brand visibility. With a strong frame that avoids cracking, and an interesting and functional design, customers will keep JPAQduo™ for their own personal use long after they would have tossed a doob tube.

jpaq with art.jpg



With an ASTM, child-resistant certification (spec-ed to CFR 1700.20), feel confident in your compliance measures knowing JPAQduo™ follows all state and federal regulations! Forget exit bags that cost extra and hide your branding. Now customers can walk out with your brand showing proudly in their hands.