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The JPAQ™. The ultimate packaging solution to protect and preserve your pre rolls. Born to revolutionize rolled herb containers, PAQ designed the JPAQ to be the pinnacle of pre roll packaging.

Airtight, water-resistant, fits king size up to 110mm, separate roach coach, gasket lined chamber. What else could you want in a preroll case?



Engineered to Protect

JPAQ’s airtight design seals in freshness, and extends the shelf life of your pre-rolled herb. In addition, the individually slotted compartments and strong plastic frame protect against shakes, drops and other impacts. Feel secure knowing your rolled herb, is safe, ready to be smoked whenever, wherever.

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Designed by preroll smokers for preroll smokers. Every JPAQ features a separate “roach coach” compartment, meaning you’ll never need to toss a roach again!

Safe and Discreet

With a sleek, yet subtle design and odor locking abilities, the JPAQ avoids any unwanted attention. While it’s CFR 1700 certified, child-proof technology prevents any unwanted access.

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Environmentally Friendly

All JPAQs are 100% recyclable, and are made from a blend of virgin and recycled PP plastics. All so you can be sure you are buying green, in more ways than one! Keep your JPAQ for your next adventure or recycle your extras without guilt.


Smaller than most smartphones, the JPAQ fits into any purse, backpack or pocket with ease and comfort. Take it with you anywhere!

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The JPAQ is Your Blank Canvas

JPAQ has nearly endless levels of customization, and designing a JPAQ to fit your branding could not be easier.

Don’t Just Stand Out, Stay Out.

Long after doob tubes have been lost or faded, and cardboard containers have been crushed, your JPAQ branding will look fresh out of the box. JPAQ’s durable plastic frame, and high quality digital printing preserves your branding for months or years longer than alternative pre-roll packaging options.

Notice the branding inadequacies of the doob tube on the left. On the right, you have a beautiful branded full color JPAQ™.

Notice the branding inadequacies of the doob tube on the left. On the right, you have a beautiful branded full color JPAQ™.


Use Your Own Ideas or Work with PAQ

Use your in-house design team, or get a little help from ours, PAQ is there to support all of your customization needs throughout the entire process. With limitless digital printing options, and 11+ square inches of branding space, we can ensure your brand and message will stand out from the crowd.