Q. How can JPAQ help my business?

A. JPAQ was designed with the wholesale market in mind. With JPAQ's affordable price point, child resistant design, and private labeling options, JPAQ can create an entire new product line for your business to market and maximize margins on your flower or caviar pre rolls.


Q. How will JPAQ keep the herb fresh?

A. JPAQ's patent pending design was built with two main goals in mind: air tightness and child resistance. Air tight means that our case has a built in gasket and O-Ring that keeps air out when the JPAQ is closed and clicked shut. This allows for longer shelf life along with an extended useful life for consumers when compared against cardboard box and doob tube alternatives.


Q.  With the strict compliancy regulations, how can we ensure this is really child proof?

A. JPAQ was developed using a product development team that specializes and conducts CRP certification in-house. JPAQ is child proof certified according to CRP code cpsc 1700.20. Certification copies can be provided upon request. 


Q. Is this a B2B product or D2C? 

A. JPAQ was born as an idea targeted for the business to business wholesale community. This is the foundation for JPAQ's low cost and child-resistant design. However, after finalizing our prototype and material selection, we received incredible feedback from friends, colleagues, and other consumers that this product would be a huge hit to sell direct to consumer as a travel  accessory for individuals who roll their own material. PAQ is looking forward to developing more high-end accessory products targeted for the everyday consumer, in addition to continuing to build its commercial B2B packaging offering for its wholesale clients. 


Q. What is PAQ's mission?

A. PAQ aims to be the go-to packaging option for everything and anything rolled herb culture. All PAQ products will be designed to protect and preserve pre rolled materials.