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Premium. Pre-Roll. Packaging.


The world-leader in pre roll packaging and accessories.

PAQ was founded to pioneer the revolution of pre-roll packaging and accessories. Our mission is to develop products and engineer solutions for the most iconic class of smoking methods; the hand-rolled smoker.

PAQ allows producers, retailers, and brands to easily design, implement, and distribute a unique, high-volume, high-margin product. PAQ is proud to introduce a first to market pre roll container that allows your brand message to be shared and your story to be told. The JPAQ™ will allow your pre rolls to remain preserved and protected, while being sold within a revolutionary turn-key, child-resistant packaging solution. 





Child Proof

Smell Proof

Water Resistant

Durable & Recyclable

Custom Digital Branding

Patent Pending

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"Undeniably Tactile"

- JPAQ Buyer